Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist — and How to Get Out

I used to be in a serious relationship when I was in college. When we were young everything seems so exciting, in the early 20s we could decide many things mindlessly including choosing a romantic partner. Once I’ve fallen into a toxic relationship with a narcissist person but denied the all red flags. Lessons learned, every time you feel the red flag, just run! You don’t want to be caught in a snare like me. I know you will, but if you haven’t had any experiences and clueless about those trai

4 Things You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

The term “new normal” must be anticipated once the large-scale social restriction period is ended. As the COVID-19 vaccine has yet to be found, we are forced to live side by side with the coronavirus by maintaining a hygienic and healthy lifestyle. When we were in normal situations, with nothing to be worried about, I just freely went out with nothing but my MacBook, wallet, makeup pouch, and a bottle of water, sometimes. Before the outbreak, I usually went to the coffee shops and finished my w

Eliminated Stress From Life By Simplifying the Wardrobe

Everything changed when I read about Project 333, a fashion experiment started by Courtney Carver where you commit to wearing just 33 articles of clothing for 3 months. I found a capsule wardrobe, wearing the same thing every day, to be life-changing, literally. It was freeing, calming, iconic, and time-saving. And now today, in my closet, you’ll never find more than 33–35 articles of clothing (but this does not include underwear, sleepwear, sentimental jewelry, and stuff). I thought this 3-mon